We understand that many people want a personal treatment that's tailored to their exact skin type, and that's why we developed an effective range of professional salon treatments. These hands-on treatments don't involve machines, but instead make use of our skincare range that has been developed over the years by leading French dermatologists.

Using the latest technology, the Crystal Clear skincare products have been extensively tested under clinical conditions by DECS Investigation Clinique in France and assessed in terms of firming and moisturising efficacy, the anti-agein effect and skin tolerance.



Complex–C is a scientifically advanced clinical grade skincare range for professional therapists and clinicians, designed and developed by renowned UK skincare house Crystal Clear.

Our carefully selected team of formulators, scientists and skin biologists are responsible for some of the most cutting edge skincare development and non-invasive anti-ageing treatments available, resulting in a range that it is highly effective in delivering dramatic improvements to your skin.

Complex-C is cleverly formulated to the maximum strength recommended by each ingredient developer – therefore giving our customers the highest quality and most concentrated active ingredients available on the market.

Encouraging natural skin rejuvenation through proven active ingredients that work deep within the cellular layers to give real impact and results to your client’s skin.


The First Choice for Professional Therapists and Skin Clinicians

Created to naturally complement our advanced machine treatments including the groundbreaking COMCIT skin rejuvenation system.

Complex-C offers your clients a clinical standard Skincare treatment in your salon and the perfect recommended Clinical home-care program to follow for best results. Watch your business flourish with happy and satisfied customers who will trust, recommend and return for more.